Thursday, July 02, 2015

A Relaxing Day in Naxos, (April 2015)

Got up before him... :P yeah haha
Morning my sweetheart :) haha

giant beans, egg, mushrooms, kiwi and bread :)
A lovely surprise from the hotel

Feeling happy! yeah!

Relaxing :)

My snack! 

This church is quite big...

Afternoon tea at Maya
Pancakes!!!! Very tasty hehe

Lovely blue

Cute hubby

Cool door

White houses :)

Wow Sunset in Naxos :)

saganaki for hubby! he is a cheese monster

Grilled bread....

These zucchini balls were the best ones we had in Greece :)
Portara salad was very nice!
 You can watch the sunset there! :) We saw a bit of it. It was beautiful.

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