Thursday, February 26, 2015

Happy Wedding Anniversary Trip to Macau......

You look happy :P hehe
Arrived :)

Let's take some photos :) haha

Big comfy bed

Time for lunch....

Stealing or Giving :)

Afternoon tea or what?

Yummy fish for hubby and Nasi goreng for me

Surprisingly they cooked the fish really well! loved it :)

This was not bad

Windows at The Four Seasons

Got given a cake :) when we came back

and a cutey bear

lots of cream :P We don't like cream

Coffee to wake hubby up! :) It worked!
Dinner time innit :)
The Golden Peacock is a lovely place! :) We will go there again!

The food looks amazing!

Delicious food!

The naan and curry were so GOOD! Super tasty!

This looks absolutely beautiful

Samosas were lovely but still couldn't beat the Spicy Island :)

Trying to get some nice shots :)

We didn't want to destroy this! Too pretty hehe

After dinner, we had a walk.....

Quite a lot of people around



Back to our room and had a bubble bath :-)

I couldn't sleep until 5am. lol That decaf coffee kept me awake :P Decaf, really?
We went down for breakfast around 9:45am. :-) Hubby had a long shower :P 

My plate

Hubby's plate :)


nice box :)
Bye bye Macao :P

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