Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Birthday Meal..................

Bread :D

Alaskan king crab salad! Very delicious!

Lovely hubby :)

Loved these ones :) I had 2 haha

My main course, seabass with squid ink risotto

Hubby's having salmon

My main was great :) I liked it a lot!

Hello my lovely bag hehe


Blur...but kind of cool

Hubby's making me laugh!

After dinner, we had a walk :)

aiya... blur again :p

I can still kick :)


Merry X'mas :)

We took a ferry to TST!

Loads of people there

Going back to Central :) hehe

For Irish coffee and

Hot chocolate :) which is my favourite!

yummy biscotti too

I put some crispy chocolate balls in my drink

Time to go home :)

I enjoyed my birthday night very much!

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