Monday, May 16, 2011

Hubby's Birthday Lunch at Caprice in Four Seasons

Pretty pretty! :D

Some bread.... I only had one. I tried to save some room for my main course and dessert. :P

Green asparagus and scrambled egg pie in young herb dressing

Hubby's having smoked ratte potato veloute and aromatic brocciu ravioli

Me looking at my main course. lol

Hubby's main course, Australian lamb fillet, morel mushroom melba, buttered savoy cabbage and toasted bread sauce

Mine, Garoupa meuniere, artichoke puree and colonnata orzo pasta in smoked brown jus

Mango and white chocolate cheesecake with tropical fruit sorbet for my dessert

Cheese for him! :D

Petits fours

Yummy? :) Happy?

Birthday dessert for him! :) So lucky! lol

Nice and quiet now! Much better!

Good good! :)

The service was good but a bit unnatural. Hubby said he couldn't really understand what they were saying. I thought they were supposed to speak like that (French English). It was very noisy when the chefs were busy cooking in the open kitchen. We didn't enjoy that. Also, the food came a bit too quickly.

My main course was good but not excellent. It wasn't tender enough. Hubby's lamb was pretty good. I enjoyed my delicious dessert though! :) And hubby loved his cheese very much. We even got the chance to see their cheese cellar and tasted a bit of cheese that the friendly guy gave us. lol That was really yummy! It was interesting to see their cheese room. :)

When all the other people had left, it was so nice and quiet. lol We enjoyed sitting there and chatting and taking crazy photos. :)

Oh I forgot to say... the ice cream was very good! :)
Taste 4 | Environment 5 | Service 4 | Hygiene 5 | Value for Money 4

Compared to Petrus
Petrus is better than Caprice but Caprice has better cheese! :)

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