Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bakewell for Bakewell Pudding (5 Jun 08)

We went to the pudding shop to get the famous Bakewell pudding. Last year, we tried to get it but the shop was closed. lol Bummer!

This time...we got some pudding and clotted cream to try. :D I can't wait to have it with scones. Mmm... it should taste very nice!

Well...I have some photos of the Bakewell pudding but they are still in our camera. So I can't show you at the moment. But I can tell you it was very YUMMY! We had it with custard. It was fairly rich but so good! We seriously need some more! hahaha

I like Bakewell. It's so relaxing, so green and the people are friendly. And It's interesting to watch the waterfowl. :)

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