Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Szentendre Eating Out - Aranysárkány (Golden Dragon)

Goulash Soup

Mozzarella cheese with fresh slices of salami and tomato.

Our table! :P

Comfortable setting

Fillets of Chicken Breast with Smoked Cheese Sauce
The chicken is roasted till crisp. Served with smoked cheese sauce, steamed rice and apple slices preserved in red wine.

Smoked Goose Liver Paté with Rose Petal Jam
The goose liver is pickled in hot red wine, then smoked. Finally it’s blended with truffle paté and served in slices with rose petal jam and hot toast.


Coated Pancake
The pancake is filled with cherry and walnut, coated with cinnamon breadcrumbs and served with hot marzipan sauce.

Address: Alkotmány u. 1/a, Szentendre, Danube Bend
Web Site: www.aranysarkany.hu

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