Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hi from the UK!

We had a great time in Budapest. We were there for 10 days and stayed in a really nice apartment. There was lots to see and do. :) We loved the local food and cakes very much. People were very polite and friendly. The weather was lovely as well. It was sunny most of the time while we were there.

We also visited Sentendre and Esztergom. Both places were absolutely beautiful. We've taken tons of photos and a few videos. I will put them on my blog later on. :p

bye for now! :p


Kris Wong said...

Heya Stella & Roger,

Happy to see you are enjoying your holiday and that you enjoyed Budapest. I know we did!

We enjoyed it so much we're going back in September, for 10 days.

I'm still looking for a new appartment to stay as the one where we stayed before got quite a bit more expensive. Can you do me a favour and e-mail me where you found the place you stayed at (some website I guess) and how much you paid?? What area was it in?

Looking forward to going to Budapest... and back to HK of course too! We just came back from a long week-end in Rome and it was absolutely grand!!!

Have fun in sunny Wales !!!

Kris Wong

Stella Bella said...

Hi Kris Wong,
This apartment is very nice. :) We highly recommend it. It's on the Pest side near the Danube and the Parliament.

40 euros per night! :) If we ever go back to Budapest, this is the place we will be staying at.

I've seen your Rome photos on facebook. Really nice! ^^

We were in Wales yesterday. Had a lovey day out there.

Stella & Roger

Kris Wong said...
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Stella Bella said...
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