Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Budapest Trip (Day 3) Great Market Hall 20 May

This is the Great Market Hall in Budapest. You can find fresh bread, cheese, meat, veggies, wine and souvenirs in there. Hubby got himself a nice leather belt from a shop on the first floor. It's made in Hungary!! So cool! hahaha

Stuffed cabbage with potatoes - just so-so!

This is garlicky Lángos. It tasted very greasy but also very good! I loved it.

The other entrance

Burger King



Soupdragon said...

You didn't get me a mushroom double swiss from BK, OR a Converse t-shirt?
Shame on you!


Bloody nice weather though. You do realise it's been pissing it down continuously for the past two weeks while you've been away?

Stella Bella said...

yeah the rain seems never stop here. lol It's very annoying.

But...the weather is looking a bit better today.

A picture's worth a thousand t-shirts (hubby says) lol